And the money goes to….


We want to give something back! That’s why we collected 1 Euro per day, 365 Euro for the whole year 2021. 200 Euro we donated to the project “Ribeira Aljezur”. This initiative fights against the idea of using glyphosate to “clean” the river bed in Aljezur. Until now the project was successfull and the initiative of using glyphosate could be stopped and no glyphosate was used so far. Let’s keep fingers crossed that it will succeed in the end, to avoid a “cleaning” with glyphosate in the centre of Aljezur town! Thank you to the people who fight for this!

165 Euro we donated to AEZA, the local canil. Here cats and dogs find a home until they hopefully come back to families. Without a lot of effort you yourself can help every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday to walk a dog. More informations on AEZA Facebook page.

We say “Thank you”!

Variety matters


Let’s create variety! With everyone staying in our wonderful “Casa Salgado” we want to plant a tree on our land in Serra de Monchique. Simply an unforgettable moment! More informations you can find here.

Spring awakening


In springtime everythings awakes from winter sleep. We want to awake our body and mind with backward bends! Backward bends stretch your front and squeeze your backside. In comparison to the forward bends, backwards bends are activating and furthermore widen the chest and the heart region. Further you clear and release your mind. You might also deal with emotions coming up in an intensive backward bend practise.

After every backward bend your body longs for a counter pose giving space to your vertebras and spinal discs and protecting yourself from pouring out too much. In Yoga we always want to hold the balance. Ideally you can try the forward bends I already posted in March as an inspiration (you will find all posts on Facebook). Balancing out the Yin and the Yang within your daily life practice!

Practice patience and devotion


Uttanasana, the classic standing forward bend.

Forward bends lenghten your spine and stretch the back and the hamstrings. Mentaly we practice patience and devotion. In the standing forward bends we even turn the world upside down. Before going into the foward bend make sure that you are well connected to the ground. Your legs are active and your knees are slightly bended. Your hip moves backwards while activating your pelvic floor (active Muhla Bandha) so that your pubic bone moves slightly upwards and your tail bone shows in the direction to the ground. Your belly button goes in the direction to your spine. Imagine your spine as a staff which reaches from the tail bone until the crown of your head and further into the universe. You are fixed and save.

Inhale, take your arms over the side to the top and lenghten your spine even more. Exhale and bend yourself forward. Keep the tension in your body and move forward, nice and slowly. If you do not reach the ground nor your feet, bend your knees. You may use a block or a belt. With every inhaling lenghten your spine and with every exhaling you dive deeper into the asana. Breathe into the streched body parts and try to release the tension. Your legs and your pelvic floor stay active. Connect with your breath and hold this forward bend for some deep and relaxing breaths. Drop your thoughts and practise devotion and patience.

To get out of the forward bend, activate your legs and the pelvic floor, bend your knees and slowly come up, vertebra by vertebra. Close your eyes and feel the benefit. Enjoy and give yourself a smile.